Tuesday, June 24, 2014

making goals

I have so many goals in my head all the time. I'm constantly making lists of goals for myself. Something about writing goals down on a list really motivates me to start working on them. There is so much that I want to learn about right now and I've been overwhelmed.  It really helps when I make lists and keep a planner to help me to sort through all the details of getting started on a project. I'm going to keep it simple and only make five goals to work on over the next few months.

The Goals:

1. learn more about Photoshop
2. design my website
3. use my massive collection of fabric to make things
4. learn more about web design 
5. print the hundreds of photos I have and make an album

The Plan:

1. I'm going to work on classes about photoshop on skillshare. I'm currently working on this class.

2. Hopefully once I improve my photoshop and coding skills I'll be able to design an amazing website for myself.

3. I just need to pull out my fabric collection and get to work sewing!

4. I'm going to join treehouse to help me improve my design skills. I love that you can learn so much online while sitting in your living room with a cat on your lap.

5. I have most of my old photos organized so I just need to print them and start making an album

I'm sure it is going to take me some time for me to accomplish all these but just having them written down makes me feel better.

+ homemade pizza dinner
+ knitting
+ new books in the mail

Monday, June 23, 2014

New Adventures

A lot has been changing around here lately and it has been difficult to keep up. I'm trying to go with the flow and take one thing at a time. I like when life is slow and things are simple. I'd love to spend more time doing nothing and going nowhere. Sometimes I just need everything to slow down. At times, I can push myself too much and put a lot of pressure on myself to measure up to expectations that I created. I'm trying to let that go. I'm trying to accept myself and move on. Sometimes you just can't do it all. Sometimes you have to stop and take a moment to relax. I'm trying that out right now.

+ rocking chairs
+ patience
+ pom pom flowers