Saturday, September 21, 2013

I love the weekend

I love this print from ReStyle on Etsy. That color combination just makes me happy. If we weren't thinking of moving so soon....


This weekend has been so relaxing so far. We stayed home and watched a funny movie last night with a few glasses of wine. I woke up this morning with coffee, french toast and Project Runway with Philip. Then spent the day sewing and working on projects. It has been raining all day here. I love fall weather so much.

Things I have been obsessing over lately:

+ indoor hammocks. Just look at how comfortable this one looks for reading and relaxing.

+ coffee ice cream. I used to love Molly Moon's Stumptown coffee ice cream but I'm not in Seattle, so I can't go get it. What is a good store brand? I have no idea

+ lemon juice and bourbon. I'm thinking tonight I may need to get spicy ginger ale and a few lemons.

+ fall leaf garlands. I really want to make one for our living room. Maybe something like this one?

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