Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well, after months of searching and hours of completing online application, I have a job!! It really hasn't completely sunk in yet. Just doesn't feel real in the sense that it will actually happen and soon.

Philip and I are moving to Austin, the first week of November, and starting a whole new crazy adventure. I'll be starting my job, hopefully, by the second week of November and we'll spend the rest of the month unpacking box after box after box. I'm excited and looking forward to it and also sad.

It is a bittersweet to say the least.

I'll be leaving behind so much, the city we've called our home for 2 year (just when I could get around without the gps yelling at me to turn around when possible) and, most important, my family. Living in Pittsburgh, we're only about 3 hours away and I could drive home pretty much any time. I hope that I'm making the right choice in leaving here. I'm still not sure. I'm trying to focus on the positive and remind myself that nothing is forever. Less than 3 years ago, I was still in Seattle and haven't even heard back from graduate school.

Things change so quickly.

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