Monday, July 21, 2014

DIY painted can planters

If you're like me and enjoy buying a new plant every time you leave the house then you are probably running out of pots to plant them all in. Well this idea is going to help and also save some money so you can buy more things you need, like plants.

This DIY is pretty darn simple.

1. Eat food out of a can. I suggest spicy black bean tacos.

2. Wash can to remove label and use scrub brush or goo be gone to get rid of any glue residue. Also sand any sharp edges around the top to avoid future injuries.

3. Use spray paint to paint can, I used two layers.

4. Use a small nail to poke drainage holes in the bottle of your can.

5. Put plants in beautiful new planter!

+ sleeping in too late
+ blueberry mini pies
+ watermelon mint cocktails

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