Tuesday, July 8, 2014

knitting a new blanket

I've been working on a new knitting blanket at night while we watch movies (mostly terrible nicholas cage movie masterpieces). I like super simple knitting projects and this one couldn't be easier, just knitting a giant rectangle in knit stitch. I've still had to start over because of mistakes that I couldn't figure out how to fix. I've been knitting for years and still struggle to pick up dropped stitches. I must have watched 10 youtube video on how to do it before I decided starting over might be the best option. I'm really enjoying knitting again and maybe someday the temperature will drop in Austin and we'll actually need to use a blanket again. maybe.

I was inspired to make a blanket after seeing so many beautiful knitted blankets on pinterest.
This blanket inspires mine and I also love this one and this one. This super soft merino wool looks amazing. I need to order some of that right now.

+ homemade bread
+ sleeping in late
+ sewing for hours

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