Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Project Life Album | June 2014

This month:

I finally took the time to turn in my Pennsylvania license for a Texas license. I got a little sentimental while I was waiting and took a photo of my old license. I had to make two trips to the DMV that day because I forgot my car insurance forms, when I got back and was waiting to be called, I couldn't find my old license and thought I might have dropped it when I ran home to get the rest of my paperwork.  It was in my pocket. Oh, how I love the exciting adventures of moving to a new state, they never seem to end.

Also, Philip and I met Tara Stiles and attend her relax yoga class. I felt like a total dork talking to her before the class but she was super friendly. I really enjoyed the class and it was Philip's first time going to yoga. He told me that he had a good time and felt really relaxed when it was over.


I'm still using a lot of the Project Life Seafoam Kit because I love the colors. I used letter stickers from the dollar bin at Target and Basic Grey embellishments.  I need to order more from their site, I love their stickers!

+ collection of patio plants
+ pizza lunch every day!
+ morning walks with annie dog

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