Friday, July 4, 2014

This week so far | June 30

 Happy 4th of July!! Philip and I took Annie for a long and very hot run this morning. Hopefully she'll be too tired to freak out tonight during the fireworks.

This week:

+ Philip and I checked out the farmer's market in our neighborhood and I got a free mini watermelon for spending over $10. win win.

+ I've been working on a small knitted blanket and these are the colors that I'm using for it. It is taking me forever because I keep messing up and taking it all out. I really need to get better at fixing knitting mistakes.

+ Philip hung a tomato and strawberry planter on the balcony. Fingers crossed that they live through the summer.

+ I got a little obsessed with sewing pillow covers this week.

+ I think I ate pizza for 8 out 10 meals this week due to the fact that I was reading this book. I love pizza.

+ Deb and I went for a walk behind her apartment. It was crazy hot but we saw a baby turtle so it was worth it. Also we tried Amy's ice cream for the first time. I had sweet cream with gingersnaps mixed in. We walked around Uncommon Objects together. I love how they organize the items by color.

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