Monday, September 9, 2013

September Goals

Well I guess I'm a little behind since today is already September 9th. opps. September is one of those months that you get to start fresh. I don't want the wonderful, warm, and oh so delightful weather to ever end but I do kind of crave putting on a cardigan and jeans without being covered in a layer of sweat within seconds.

I have so much to accomplish in the next few weeks. I cannot wait until things settle down so that I can get back to a boring and routine life. This month I need to find a job and start planning our move to Austin. It seems so easy when I write it but I know there will be a lot of steps involved to meet those two goals. I'm a pretty good planner but it still feels a bit overwhelming. In addition to those two major goals I want to make some fun goals to keep me from going a little crazy.

1. Go for a hike
2. Make the new couch pillow covers
3. Lots of yoga
4. Make homemade poptarts
5. Make peach mini pies

It's going to be a busy month.

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