Friday, September 6, 2013

This week so far

This is the lunch I've been eating pretty much every day this week. It is pretty simple but amazing at the same time. Isn't that the way it goes that the simplest meals are usually the best.

Garlic Spinach Cous Cous Salad:
  • 1 cup roasted garlic cous cous 
  • 2 cups chopped spinach
  • a sprinkle of goat cheese
  • 1 cup chopped tomatoes
  • a half a chopped cucumber

This has been such a fun week so far. I found out that I passed my test! I got to celebrate with champagne with Philip. We went to a farewell party last night for Olivia. It was fun to get together with my friends that really understand what I went through studying for that test. I feel so relieved that it is over and I can move on to other things.

Today we all met up at Mellon Park to have a picnic and explore the art festival there. I wish I could take all of my friends and family with me wherever I end up.

+ basil
+ lemon juice
+ bourbon

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